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Simply put: a recordset is a virtual table in your computer’s memory.

Recordsets are mainly used in database environments - for example, it’s an invaluable help when programming in MS Access. A simple example is ‘Select * from Table’ (or ‘Select * from Range’ in Excel).

In the first example, we’ll open a large file with 5,000 rows and 100 columns.

Before you can start your code, you’ll need to reference the ADO library.

In this blog post, we’ll show you one way to use recordsets, but we won’t go into detail about everything you can do with them.

Recordsets are structured as follows:‘Begin Of File’ (BOF) and ‘End Of File’ (EOF) are markers that indicate whether you’re between the first and the last record in the recordset or not.

Close Set cnn = Nothing Exit Sub End Sub : Click the Run button or F5 (Also you can insert a button/shape in excel sheet then right click and assign this macro to run everytime.) Access DB records have been successfully downloaded to Excel, Open your Excel workbook and check the data.

More precisely, two blog readers (Josh and Maria) asked me to write two different VBA codes for running Access queries directly from Excel.There are two types of recordsets you can use, depending on the type of database you’re using.This, in turn, is usually determined by the personal preference of the developer who will work with it. The methods to navigate them and read or edit data in both types are nearly identical. Recordsets are an alternative to retrieving data from another file or worksheet.If you save data in a recordset and both markers are ‘true’, your recordset is empty.Each row consists of several columns that depend on the data structure you’ve added to the set.

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