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It might not push him away but it won’t pull him closer either. Believe it when a man says he is not ready for a relationship.

In your case he could still be grieving the loss of his previous relationship.

I like flirting with you but have been receiving mixed messages lately.

I can’t tell whether or not you want to take things to the next level. ” A few difficult conversation basics: • Being vulnerable at the beginning of any difficult conversation softens what the other person hears from you.

However, since her behavior hurts you, confirm her intentions.

What about opening the conversation with something like this: “If you did not know this, I look forward to our conversations.

Yet, I am not sure, as when she phones me, we talk for hours. He said he needed time and that he is not ready for a relationship so I did not contact him for three weeks but then we began to text/flirt daily. We definitely like each other, but his ex came back into the picture.• When we approach these talks as “learning conversations” and stay curious throughout, it disarms the other person and helps reduce defensiveness. I have a friend with whom I have wonderful conversations on the phone.• Acknowledging how the other person feels, in an empathetic way, goes a long way toward the other person staying calm. When SHE phones, we often talk for hours, and when we talk I feel like we are close friends due to the nature of what we discuss and the length and intensity of the conversations.

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In one way I’d like to know what’s going on so that I can finally stop wondering and guessing, but in another way, I’m scared to have this conversation because she’ll likely say something I won’t like hearing. ——————————— [My 1st reply] Hi Waiting, Thanks for taking the time to write. It sounds like your friend enjoys your friendship, but might be trying to set boundaries with you by controlling when you two talk.

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