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We're looking for your thoughts on yesterday's New Japan tag team tournament finals so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to Dave Meltzer We'll also be doing polls over the next week for the Saturday night UFC show, WWE on Sunday and NXT on Wednesday. We're also looking for reports on today's NXT show in Newcastle, England to Dave Meltzer UFC ON FIGHT PASS TODAY STARTING AT P. In Europe, you can get the fastest delivery and best rates by sending to [email protected] the rest of the world, rates are .50 for 4, for 12, for 24, 1 for 40 issues and 3 for 52. In Canada and Mexico, rates are .50 for 4, for 12, for 24, 1 for 40 and 4 or 52. We look at the promotion of the show, how changes in the UFC can affect the major fights, little things in each fight that haven't beentalked about, fugure for the winners and much more is looked at. NXT TAKEOVER FROM SSE WEMBLEY IN LONDON ON WEDNESDAY Finn Balor vs. Coverage of the biggest weekend in UFC history, the stories behind the big matches, scouting the fighters, the business and handicapping the fights is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Conor Mc Gregor for the featherweight title WWE TLC PPV ON SUNDAY FROM THE TD GARDEN IN BOSTON Sheaumus vs. Usos in a ladder match for tag tiltes Charlotte vs. Raw will be Monday night in Philadelphia while NXT runs Monday night in Nottingham, England.

Lainey calls it the “Rogue Relative.” George Clooney has one. You know, the Rogue Relative is a family member who talks to the media without the celebrity’s consent and they usually say some sh-t the celeb wouldn’t want us all to know.

Green Bay Packers quarterback, Olivia Munn’s boyfriend, and number four on my Freebie Five (Lainey: ew….really?!?

Bill Barnwell, who is one of our readers, also cracked the list. 10 in best Facebook follows and Dwayne Johnson was listed as No.

The Ultimate Fighter final tomorrow was supposed to be Saul Rogers vs. But Rogers allegedly lied on his visa and was not allowed into the U. Owens I can see for his wit, but I have no idea why Rousey. Today is the 40th anniversary of Terry Funk winning the NWA title from Jack Brisco in Miami Beach.

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