Data Only) in this program since I do not use camera or microphone. You can easily check the Cable/DSL connection's WAN IP using My WANi P.Note: Usually you can find the cable/DSL connection's Public IP from Ethernet or wireless router.If this service is stopped, remote desktop sharing will be unavailable.If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

Najdete zde články, fotografie i videa k tématu Net Meeting.if used on a WAN, which most often connects locations with 64 K bit lines, please select "28800 bps or faster modem"window : "Host a Meeting" You can give your meeting a "Name".You can define additional option, on whether only you will be able to accept new incoming calls and whether only the host can share Applications. Select from the list the program/window to be "shared": to be displayed on the other systems of the meeting.Although used by most people for meetings via a network (to avoid travel), Net Meeting can also be used to give support, to give "Remote Assistance".Lets name the system needing support ("Assistance") the ": Such a connection to give assistance is possible via any connection, which supports TCP/IP : - local area network (LAN ) - Wide area network (WAN) - dial-in via Modem - via the Internet Once the "Expert" has connected to the "Novice" system, he can see on his screen the desktop of the "Novice", he is also (if allowed by the "Novice") take control and use the mouse and keyboard on his "Expert" system to control the "Novice" system : On first time usage, Net Meeting will prompt you to enter some personal information and to define the connection parameters.

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