Nurses dating cops

Although there is an old saying about not dating at work that is a bit crude, it actually happens in all workplaces more often than people possibly realize.

If someone does work shift, who understands and can deal with that for years on end better than someone who does it or has done it?

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As such, today, Governor Christie is calling on the legislature to ease overly restrictive statutory, regulatory and code hurdles for residences that provide supportive and substance free housing in our communities.

If you do not receive this information please contact your instructors.

I dated a few coworkers over the years and seriously considered marrying two of them.

They were and are great guys who eventually found their correct matches.

Some coworkers married each other and are still married. They got married after working together on patrol, then after they moved the female went back into communications instead of going on patrol in the new city.

I had to teach new nurses:1) the rules of a system; 2) that nurses don't always follow the rules, they do it another way, but please know the rules; and finally—if the nurses can handle such cognitive dissonance and it doesn't utterly disillusion them:3) that the system is misguided and broken, and the informal way nurses do it doesn't really benefit laboring women or respect birth either.

And that just about everything in the labor room goes against evidence-based practice.

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That is why Governor Christie is calling on the legislative leadership to expeditiously introduce and pass legislation in the next 30 days that would: Mandate that no insured can be denied coverage for the first six months of in-patient drug rehabilitation treatment.

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