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When I first moved to Charlotte, I was newly single and ready to date a southern boy with a light accent and a dark sense of humor. Why is there no “somewhat athletic but also enjoys cake” option? To give you a better idea of my experience, here are few of the guys that I met (and a few of the lessons I learned) along the way: The Handsome Guy My first date with Handsome Guy was great. He was a little awkward but, hey, it was a first date. He asked me if I could pick him up since he lived close to South Park. When I arrived at his house he invited me inside for a tour. Instead, he took over 30 minutes to show me every single room, closet and bathroom in his house. What I learned: Don’t agree to meet someone just because you like his or her pictures. I started talking to Normal Guy when he messaged me on a Saturday night. So I figured I had two options: Ask the guy from whom I’d known for a total of 14 hours or call an Uber and invite my driver to the game. But even if I was, at least you would get to be on MTV.” An hour went by. Let a few messages go between you and your match before making plans. The Jerk The Jerk and I agreed to meet at my favorite bar in Charlotte Connolly’s. He showed up a few minutes later and we ended up going out on the patio. He kept my vodka tonic full all night and even bought tequila shots.I had some luck meeting guys at Jeff’s Bucket Shop, but I was finding that I was getting a little too old for the am “You up? I kid you not, at one point he showed me his pantry. I got worried that he was weirded out by the catfish comment so I wrote a way too delayed and way too desperate “BTW, I was just kidding about the catfish comment.” You probably already guessed that we didn’t go to the game together. At the end of the night we agreed to hangout again, called our own Ubers and parted ways.

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