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Needless to say, He's involved in multiple relationships to date. Seriously though, “From Friend to Fiancé” airs Saturday, May 25th at 9pm on @hallmarkchannel ..a fun film with some really great humans. @jocelynhudon @kellylkruger A post shared by Ryan Paevey (@ryanpaevey) on " aired on Hallmark channel.

The rumors reported that Ryan Paevey might be in love with a model Jessa Hinton.

As a self-described “adventurer” and “thinker,” this guy’s the total package. I don’t think it means that you two are instantly going to be together, or that you are ever going to be together necessarily. But I can remember that feeling when you see that one person, and everything stops for a second, and you don’t notice anything but her, cliché as that sounds.

Paevey told us his favorite thing to say to a girl in French is, “Quelle bonne surprise que vous voire ici,” which means, “What a nice surprise to see you here.” Paevey recommends using the saying accompanied with “a bit of a grin.” He counts Evangeline Lilly, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale as his celebrity crushes. I’m great with kids, can cook, do dishes, fix everything… I can still remember the address and what she was wearing. I never thought that’d be the case.” Paevey said fame can be scary because of the permanency with which it could alter life.

Now and then, he is being heard having an affair with several models and actresses.

This doesn’t mean that a second opinion isn’t valuable, or that it isn’t wise to ask for advice, but treat those things like a support net, not a rulebook.” At 29, we wanted to know what Paevey plans to accomplish during his 30s, and he’s got a lot of goals.

He is giving his precious time to be with this girl and back in 2015, he tweeted tagging Jessa stating, "I Like this one.

She's a Keeper." It is also a part of rumor and has not been officially announced.

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Know about her relationships and multi-faceted career!

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