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Even when he did make history as the first-ever amputee to compete in the Olympic Games, his reception in the sporting world was split.

Yet it was still the summer of Oscar Pistorius, the "fastest man on no legs," the year he became an inspiration for countless people all over the world.

After she died, friends and family described her as one of the most wonderful, giving people they'd ever known.

Her final personal message posted to Twitter on the afternoon Feb.

He crashed a speedboat on South Africa's Vaal River in 2008 and needed 180 stitches to patch up his face; he wasn't made to take blood tests but witnesses said Pistorius had been drinking.

He was charged with a weapons offense for firing his gun through the sunroof of a moving car in 2012.

While the world at large had rooted for him as an athlete, a picture started to emerge of a much more complicated man, one born with a tremendous physical disadvantage but into economic privilege in a country where the gap between haves and have-nots can be staggering; a man who was always , his mind as well as his body firing away on all cylinders; an athlete who was fiercely competitive and disciplined when it came to diet and training but prone to insomnia; a man at ease with himself and yet, at times, seemingly on edge.

Pistorius grabbed a 9-mm handgun and a couple of boxes of bullets and they went to a nearby gun range.

Asked how often he went shooting, Pistorius said, "Just sometimes when I can't sleep."The article also noted that Pistorius had recently broken up with a longtime girlfriend but "another young woman" was visiting his house when the reporter was there.

29, 2012, Oscar Pistorius proudly carried the flag of South Africa as he and his country mates walked in the Parade of Nations during the 2012 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony.

During the ensuing fortnight, the athlete known as "Blade Runner"—for the prosthetics he had not only mastered but on which he flew through the air with the greatest of ease—would win two gold medals and a silver.

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