Prblem updating windows vista

With just two days to go before release Windows 10’s controversial automatic update system has struck again and this time it is arguably even more serious…

Following the Nvidia debacle, over the weekend Windows 10 pushed ‘KB3074681’ to Windows Insiders running Windows 10 Build 10240.

Click your browser and follow the instructions to turn on your browser cookies.This doesn’t offer any conclusive evidence for Harmetz’s patch update enforcement claim, but it does show Microsoft’s strict attitude to keeping Windows 10 PCs up-to-date remains in place.The Impossible Job That said what the Nvidia debacle and KB3074681 security patch bugs show is growing evidence that Microsoft’s Windows 10 automatic update policy faces a virtually impossible job.This is presumed to be the same build as the final release consumers and businesses will receive on Wednesday.KB3074681 had no detailed information about what it contained but as it was classified as a ‘security’ patch it installed immediately and without warning to all versions of Windows 10 (Home, Pro and Enterprise) then promptly caused Windows Explorer to crash for a number of users.

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