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The production of PUMA TEC knives is outsourced by selected international partner manufacturers in Asia.

The customer can choose between a wide range of fixed and pocket knives in classic or modern look and also a variety of different handle materials and scales.

The knives are made in Spain, but the quality control, production supervision and the design is done by PUMA Germany.

Instead of classic staghorn most of the IP products are provided with wooden scales (in some cases olive wood). Overall PUMA IP represents a great assortment in the best price-performance ratio.

From 1936 – 1945 the production was supervised by the war industry during the second world war.

And the development and perfection of hunting and pocket knives was the next logical advance in a country where hunting has always enjoyed the status of a sport rich with tradition.In addition the design-oriented forms and types as well as technical perfected cutlery were one of the characteristics of PUMA knives.The product range extends from pocket knives or fixed blade knives with traditional staghorn to blades for almost every outdoor activities and to outstanding collectibles.Modern technology combined with almost 250 years of knife making skills has made PUMA one of the finest lines of cutlery for the outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, backwoodsman, camper and collector.Solingen’s supremacy in metal crafting was fostered by its auspicious location in the southern Ruhr District.

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