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However, for match-making I need to ask my company to see if it's okay first.I personally feel that you can't force relationships.But my mom teases me too, she asked when I'm going to get a girl.I guess if this goes on, she'll make arrangements to match-make me with someone.Opportunities and Luck landing on your hands is meaningless, how a company pushes you is useless and not convincing when your not ready for it." But this year TVB presented him the [Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer] award, stirring up many different comments by the public, does he feel that the love TVB has for him actually became harmful instead?He said: "My entry into the industry is an opportunity TVB gave me, whatever they decide, I will accept it and trust them.Therefore, it is no wonder that she paired with Raymond for a total number of 4 times, starting from her minor role in Eternal Happiness to one of the leading roles in The Master of Tai Chi.

Raymond said: "Before I got this new one, I used my previous car for 10 years.

Maybe it is the fact that they are often a part of a triangle (square) love story.

For this pairing, I remember I enjoyed their chemistry in EH but it was in SL that I fell in love with them.

Referring Raymond Lam as "Loved by All" is definitely not exaggerated.

He has a wealthy family background, successful career, so good at acting and singing he gets complete support. Speaking of his "Miss Right" after his one and only rumored girlfriend Linda Chung, there was no one else.

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