Ryan and baya dating

not my type" when he met Katelynn, and Chet, having hung out with Devyn for about twenty minute, saying "OK, let's get personal..." Because he's completely obsessed with his heinous, stupid self and hopefully will get a lesson that his little hipster party boy with filthy, sex-starved ultra-religious insides shtick may serve him well in Salt Lake, but here in Brooklyn they will beat a fucker down for such behavior.Did Baya ever hook up with Ryan behind closed doors?

Did Devyn's flirtations with Scott stem from anything more than a schoolgirl crush?

To like a bunch of Lubevitch from Midwood singing "Brooklyn!

" or some old Polish ladies from Greenpoint or a Chinese guy from Sunset Park or a nice Italian girl from Bensonhurst.

The other major segment was the poke-it-with-a-stick antics of the tittering Ryan and the leering, skin-crawling Chet when they figured out, through no admission on Katelynn's part mind you, that she was in fact transgendered.

Ryan was just rude and unfunny, making loud wisecracks about her underwear and treating her like she was a circus freak.

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