Sam goes dating is ther any risk to consolidating financial statements

You can give Sam up to two gifts per week (plus one on his birthday), which will raise or lower his friendship with you.Gifts on his birthday (Summer 17) will have 8× effect and show a unique dialogue.Below are his schedule deviations prioritized highest to lowest (for example when it rains that schedule will override all others below it) Sam lives with his mother Jodi and younger brother Vincent.His mother spoils both of them, and claims that neither have ever had to do any chores.If the player has a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, the cutscene will consist of a friendly game of pool.If the player does not have a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, all bachelors will express anger about the player dating them all at one time.However, he does have a habit of starting ambitious projects and not finishing them.

In Spring, Year 2, Sam's father Kent returns and resides in the house with the rest of the family.

On rainy days, Sam may offer you a gift that he found "rolling around in the back of a drawer": Cactus Fruit, Coconut, Earth Crystal, or Geode. On days when Sam stays inside the farmhouse all day, he may offer you instant Pancakes, explaining that he never learned to cook. I have to make little reminders for myself or else I'll totally forget to do things.” “I just remembered I need to change the strings on my guitar.

Okay, I'm going to write a note on my wrist so I remember to do it tonight. It made me a little nervous that you were there, I didn’t want to mess up and have you think I was a loser!

On the 11th of Fall, he has an appointment at the clinic.

His schedule can deviate if there are specific conditions like season, weather or certain days of the week.

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