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At least, not expecting things to turn out that way- she still loves watching & reading it!: Basically (and possibly also biologically) Glinda’s sister, but as they didn't know if they were biologically related like Dot was with Dizzy, they never got to know Glinda that well during their time in the facility.Like the characters she loves, she is clumsy, somewhat of an outcast, and quirky; looking back that's likely the reason she started to love the characters so much.She is sensitive and her emotions can be easily swayed either positively or negatively, but overall she tends to keep an optimistic demeanor.Through Glinda's persistence in trying to reach out to Tempest and establish some kind of connection, she loves a good redemption story after all, Tempest gradually opens up with her.

Minni is one of her dearest friends.: When Milu brought Glinda home, fainted and clearly starved, Shun was the one to check her situation and treat her until she woke up.

Since Glinda was the "magical girl" and she and Dizzy were raised to become each others opposites, Dizzy sees Glinda as her nemesis, the one she needs to defeat to gain the ultimate victory, and does not believe her destiny is fulfilled until Glinda is out of the picture.

Glinda on the other hand hopes to reach Dizzy to help her have a change of heart.

Because of this, he's uneasy around her for a while, finding this theory ridiculous, and in the beginning flat out refuses all of her advances, finally being the one to crush Glinda's anime fantasy world by breaking it to her how things do not work like that in the real world, and life isn't like one of her shoujo manga.

It hurt her a lot, and Glinda began to tone it down and understand reality isn't the same as fiction.

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