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To honor the anniversary, we asked four interracial couples to share their experiences.No two couples are the same (and sometimes partners have totally different takes on the same situation), but they all have one thing in common: love, of course.It was 50 years ago that the landmark Supreme Court case Loving v.Virginia legalized interracial marriage in all fifty states.We just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary but we began dating in 1984.I auditioned for a play at a local theater where Curt was the director.

I would advise young interracial couples to build a strong relationship, and to be very open and honest with each other.

But he later told me it was because he thought I was pretty and he was nervous.

Was there a particular moment when you knew you were falling in love?

(I got the part.)Any cultural differences you noticed about your partner or his/her family at the start? I was used to dealing with different ethnicities in previous dating, so there was no surprise.

I was brought up to accept people for who they are rather than stereotypes.

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I was new at work and we were playing “Getting-To-Know-You Bingo” where you try to find people in your group that have certain attributes on the bingo card.

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