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Both of these Kings had moved upon the wishes of their daughters, who had been in love with the boy since they were young.Years ago, the two girls met the boy only for a moment and neither of them could forget that fateful encounter as they continued to hold him close in their hearts.

If you pick my Sia, you can use the power of the gods as much as you want!

, but its lackluster production values and questionable subject matter have made it less than a hit this season.

Micchy and Steve debate the merits of this messy action comedy.― Prior to 2018, Ryo Mizono was primarily known as the novel writer for Record of Lodoss War (and the Dungeon Master of the RPG sessions on which it was based).

It's the holiday weekend, and there sure is a lot going on!

PAX West is happening this weekend alongside Crunchyroll Expo, meaning there's a lot of news happening for people who care about anime and games. Cop Craft is the newest fantasy buddy cop adventure from the creator of Full Metal Panic!

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The series is set in a world much like our own, but which diverged from ours when, about a decade previous to the start of the story, a gateway to the world of the demons and the world of the gods appeared (in spite of their names, the gods and demons aren't any more or less evil or good than humans, the only difference from humans being their ability to use magic and their pointed triangular ears, and the only difference between the gods and the demons being the length of the ears).

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