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The SOS pulse is used to start a clock timing that scan.

When the next facet on the polygon comes around another SOS pulse is triggered.

A galvo scanner uses an absolute encoder to provide mirror position feedback. A shaft mounted encoder cannot give highly accurate mirror position on a polygon scanner.

One reason is that shaft runout causes encoder error.

Tea Leaves, farm-grown flowers (Dahlia, Carnation, Pulmeria, etc.), Matsutake, Shiitake, Shimeji, Almond, cotton and linen cloth (Red Cotton Cloth, Green Linen Cloth, etc.), Soy Milk, Miso, Soy Sauce, Tofu, Fried Egg, Turnip Soup, Mushroom Rice, Chesnut Rice, Grilled fish, Boiled Egg In the original released version, Inari could not have any children after marriage.

The best solution is a separate low power laser out of plane from the working beam.

Precision Laser Scanning offers a custom CW laser diode module designed specifically for Start-Of-Scan (SOS) trigger in polygon scan heads.

This was always planned to be in the original release version of the game but the developers decided to later release this through update because of a question as to how the child would look, be incorporated to the story and the mass number of existing candidates, therefore allowing players to experience the game and the story first.

Why does a polygon scan head need Start-Of-Scan (SOS) detection? Most laser system designers are familiar with galvanometer scanner technology. Those that do, typically operate at low speeds and have in incremental encoder to give feedback to a BDC motor controller so the motor will rotate smoothly.

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