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It is a prestigious club for engineers that is still open today.Check out this French SPAD VII circa 1916 which was flown by the French, British, and Americans flying with “Lafayette Escadrille”.Hap Arnold flew a famous mission from Washington, DC to Alaska and back, an 8,290 round trip mile journey in 1934!This aircraft was so fast, it outran every fighter of its day – giving the Army the (mistaken) impression that it could fly without fighter escorts.It had two .30 or one .30 and one .50 caliber machine guns. Martin got into the action with its B-10 – the first all metal, mono-wing twin engine Bomber; Hap Arnold called it the air wonder of its day.It had many technical innovations – retractable landing gear, enclosed gun turrets, and carried 2,200 lbs of bombs!With a top speed of 103 miles per hour, it was highly maneuverable in a dogfight if handled properly.

Note the synchronized machine gun; earlier WWI models simply used metal plates to deflect bullets if the prop got in the way.

If you think the cruise missile is a modern idea, think again!

Charles Kettering (same as the city, same as General Motors, co-founder of the “Engineer’s Club” of Dayton, previously mentioned) tried to design and build the first ever remotely controlled bomb.

32s attacked an Austrian air base at Aisovizza, and by the end of the year, regular raids were being mounted against other Austrian targets.

It had a 372 mile range, sported three 150 HP engines, and two defensive machine guns, flying at 75 MPH. We saw the Boeing P-12E Pursuit (Fighter) developed during the interwar period, all on Boeing’s own dollar.

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