State laws mandating the use of seatbelts in cars Private sex video chat rooms

Typically your child may reach the age of nine before reaching 4’9”, if this is the case then they still should remain in a booster until they have reached the appropriate height.The 5-step test below is a good way to measure if your child is ready to transition to a seat belt The seat belt should fit your child “belts to bones” where it comes over their shoulder (laying on their collar bone), across their chest (laying on their sternum), and buckle low on the hips (laying across their pelvic bones).The driver of the car is responsible for making sure that children under age sixteen (16) are properly restrained and may be charged and fined .00 for violation of the law. 55-9-602 for full law information and visit a child passenger safety fitting station or have your seat inspected by a certified child passenger safety technician to answer specific questions you might have.If the child's parent or legal guardian is present in the car but not driving, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for making sure that the child is properly transported and may be fined for non-compliance. This page is meant to relay the Tennessee state law and best practices reccommendations to caregivers.

Do the child's knees bend comfortably at the edge of the auto seat?

If the seat belt is coming over your child’s neck or stomach, they need to continue to sit in their booster seat until the safety belt fits them correctly.

Weight is not a factor when making the choice to graduate out of a booster seat.

Provision is made for the transportation of children in medically prescribed modified child restraints.

A copy of Doctor's prescription is to be carried in the vehicle utilizing the modified child restraint at all times.

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Tennessee state law mandates that a child be restrained in a booster seat through the age of eight AND measuring less than 4’9”.

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