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Others, like Hell Week, are iconic events that get circled on the calendar by hard core members, and are conveniently ignored by those who don’t think they make the cut.All Out Mayhem, coming up May 19-24th, falls into the latter category. You can think of this fitness challenge as Hell Week’s evil twin.A 2015 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that “men and women are more likely to make a positive health behavior change if their partner does too.” 2.More Push: Do you notice you run a little faster, row a little harder, and lift a little heavier when you’ve got your workout partner right next to you?And with the newfound sense of energy after each workout, you won’t want to waste it on the couch.Speaking of “more experiences,” during the full month of April this year, we’re encouraging you to invite your partner to experience the most efficient, 1-hour workout by your side and earn the chance to win a weekend of More Life together at the Boca Raton Resort & Club.Sarasota resident Amber M., who has five t-shirts to show for her Hell Week accomplishments, completed All Out Mayhem last year and is looking forward to seeing what she can do this year to improve her performance. ” Most importantly, they ask, “Did it make you better? Contributing author: Amy Delauter, OTF Navy Yard, Washington D. -Kenneth Cooper, MD, MPH, the “father of aerobics” For many of us, we go through life strapped to our couches, our phones, and our computers.She said her coaches at Lakewood Ranch and University Park constantly encourage members to take something away from events like All Out Mayhem — they ask, “What did you learn? ” Not only are the workouts meant to be challenging, they’re also meant to be fun, especially when you consider the element of surprise. We’re more immobile than ever – losing touch with real life and the person you want to spend it with.

While no two workouts are ever the same, All Out Mayhem was created to throw down challenges that will get participating members to test their limits.

But it’s a challenge for coaches, too, added Caitlin.

“These events allow coaches to use their creative abilities to engage members and keep them motivated,” she said. In fact, the workouts during All Out Mayhem will provide ample opportunities for non-competitors too, just like all other OTF workouts.

It’s a series of six unique workouts that are so intense, you just might lose your mind.

And, just like Hell Week, All Out Mayhem promises to reward those who dare to master four out of six workouts.

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