Sysprep error updating registry

For a Windows 10 v1607 CB machine, that did not update any built-in updates, I had 54 apps installed.

Whereas as system which had been allowed to update them had 58 apps.

You go to Microsoft / Windows / App XDeployment-Server / Microsoft-Windows-App XDeployment Server / Operational and filter on Event ID 478 to see successful updates.

You can also view this using Power Shell, but you have to use the Get-Win Event cmdlet, because Get-Event Log can handle only classic event logs (System/Setup/Application etc.).

To see which modern applications that you have in your system, for the Administrator user account in this case.

You can just run Get-Appx Package in a Power Shell prompt, or (Get-Appx Package).count to see the number of apps.

This package will not function properly in the sysprep image.

No Internet access means no updates breaking Sysprep 🙂 Update: Seems like setting Hide Shell=YES in also prevents apps from coming down.Sysprep fails after you remove or update Windows Store apps that include built-in Windows images Note #1: This is a quite long post, and if you just want the fix, scroll to the end, to the Fixing the problem section.But if you want to pick some background info, and possibly learn something new in the process, continue as you were 🙂 Note #2: I have seen a few other workarounds, including temporarily disable/enable Internet access etc.but this post takes care of the problem once and for all 🙂 If modern apps in Windows 10 are being updated during the build and capture of a reference image, Sysprep may fail because it cannot remove the update.Note that this doesn't happen all the time, it's a timing issue, but it sure happen often enough to be an issue.

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