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Romantic notions were set aside as I threw up day and night for five months straight.I wore cotton maternity dresses that fit like burlap sacks.We lay in our tent after dinner, marking our 20-year anniversary by listening to our kids in the tent next to us playing word games and singing until they finally fell asleep. Imagine this scenario: you meet a great guy and feel a connection — a definite spark.If the divorce and kids don’t dissuade you, read on for three critical tips you should consider when dating — and even marrying — a divorced father.The kids are the most important people in your relationship — even you’ve met them.He promised me the kids would be fine, and he was right.

My husband became the one to insist we spend time alone.I could barely walk up the stairs, much less dance, and the smell of flowers made me sick.When our son was born and settled into my arms, my husband looked down on us, and for the very first time, I saw him cry.When we’d been dating nine months, we chartered a sailboat in the Virgin Islands for a week.I was impressed by how calm he was steering the boat, and how patiently he showed me how to drop anchor.

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He challenged me to help him with the ropes, and the radio, when we sailed through a squall.

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