Unable to have children dating

There are, of course, many reasons a woman might find herself childless.

Some women desperately want to have children but are unable; others are missing the maternal “gene”.

At 28, I divorced and after that they became even less of a priority. Because many of my friends and colleagues are childless, I feel quite normal, even though I am in the minority.

Then occasionally I’ll be reminded that my situation runs counter to cultural norms.

Perhaps my life would have been immeasurably enriched by a family. I think that I probably would have been a hopelessly distracted mother.

I’ve always been single-minded, either locked away writing books or doing voluntary work, and any child would have had to pick up the crumbs of whatever time was left.

The questions were fun, innocuous – but then the instructor asked who had children, and everyone stepped forward but me. Sometimes, too, I’m asked why I don’t have children.It’s hardly surprising that women who are unable to have children worry that they’ve missed out on life’s meaning.Even the redoubtably cheery Ann Widdecombe confessed recently that her greatest regret was not having children. For many women having children is a joy, but it’s no guarantee of happiness.Once in a blue moon a childless woman will admit to feeling absolutely fine about not having children – and her words will unleash a volley of disapproval.Remember the criticism of Lucy “I’ve been educated out of the natural reproductive function” Worsley.

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I never thought very much about motherhood when I was younger, except vaguely to assume I would probably experience it and that if I found myself pregnant by accident I would go through with it. (Never mind “scare” – I was weak with terror.) In my late twenties I missed several periods, and, with heavy hearts, my then-husband and I decided we would “go through with it”.

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