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In 2011, the Birches launched start-up incubator Monkey Inferno.

“It’s an ideas lab, a playground to test out and develop ideas we or the team come up with.

His first idea was a self-updating address book, something which was great in theory, but failed to take off.

He also started a babysitting network, which also failed, as it was very difficult to overcome the mistrust and concerns of parents.

Birch told Xochi he would spend no more than three months in the start-up world, and if he hadn’t made any money, he would go and find a job.

Three years later he was still working on the start-up, and hadn’t made a penny.

The couple then set up online greeting card service Birthday Alarm, with which they had a breakthrough with in 2004, following the decision to charge for cards.

The club has approximately 3,600 members from the worlds of tech, art and medicine among others, though people who “wear business suits to work every day” are less welcome.

There is still a Bebo app in the app store but we’ve effectively parked it.” “It’s an online chat show that anyone can create, and where viewers can partake, either by joining the video chat or commenting on the side of the live stream.” The next step will be to monetise the site, a necessary step, though that’s not a word Birch likes.

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