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People go sight-seeing when they visit a town/city/country.[wɪð'drɔ:]Ivtr (ps withdrew pp withdrawn)1 retirar, sacar to withdraw money from the bank, sacar dinero del banco Com (un producto) retirar del mercado2 (permiso) cancelar (declaración) retractarse de3 (una reivindicación) renunciar a IIverbo intransitivo1 retirarse [from, de]2 Med retraerse 1. business/teaching experience limited/considerable/extensive experience have experience (in something): She has years of experience in the computer industry.

someone who is boring, not physically attractive, and does not have much social ability 2. experience with: Do you have any previous experience with children?

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a road that leads off a main road or motorway Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of turn-off: more2. stun grenade n granada f detonadora, granada f de estampida 4.

more 2- [intransitive] to move around and talk to a lot of people, especially at a social event Try to get the guests to mingle. vano; Sinónimos: vain, vainglorious, chuff; Characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance.bloated with pride henchido de orgullo 3. having an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach after eating or drinking too much 5. 2 to show determination in a difficult situation She would just have to grit her teeth and start all over again.

mingle with: : very disgusting - [only before noun] gross actions are extremely bad and are considered immoral by most people He was dismissed for gross misconduct.gross negligence/mismanagement: They were accused of gross negligence.: /ˈkæʒuəlti/ a person who has died or is very badly injured Plural: casualties 1. obeso; Sinónimos: fat, obese, thickset; A chubby body. a bloated organization or system is not effective because it is too large or has too many workers1.a simple flat boat made by tying long pieces of wood together Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of raft: more 1. - al día siguiente estuvo muy displicente con ella to treat sb in an offhand manner - tratar a algn con displicencia Synonyms of offhand: unfriendly, cold, hostile, distant, unpleasant. Adverb (sin pensarlo, a ojo) immediately and without checking the details or facts I can't tell you offhand - no te lo puedo decir así de pronto or sin pensarlo un poco or (LAm) así nomás offhand, I'd say that there were around 40 - así, a ojo, diría que eran unos cuarenta do you know offhand where the copies are kept? Synonyms of offhand: random, arbitrary, spontaneous, accidental, instinctive.. en la miseriaoral exam: to go into the habit of thinking - to prepare different matters on our own what I say musst be: easy to follow, must have: pauses, stress, gut pronunciation of key wordshave a range of vocabulary: try not to repeat a word, using pronoms (it)range of grammar I´ma kind of, a sort of I as said beforefor example I don´t knowit requires/demands a lot of..... Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of grit: deal with, tackle, combat, battle, handle...

Símbolos adicionales utilizados en la transcripción de sonidos vocálicos británicos/ɒ/dog/dɒg/Similar a una o española./eə/fair/feə(r)/Como una e española seguida de /ə/./ɪə/near/nɪə(r)/Como una i española seguida de /ə/./ʊə/tour/tʊə(r)/Como una u española pronunciada sin redondear demasiado los labios y seguida de /ə/give somebody a fine: ponerle una multato make somone conscious of..away the driving licence = withdraw the driving licence from sb (mas formal)wild is the opposite of tame (doméstico)to tame: domar1. desmayarse, desfallecer, desvanecerse, perder el sentido, caer súpito, esmorecerse; Sinónimos: pass out, become unconscious, black out, fall into a faint, lose consciousness, pass off, swoon; Pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain. Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of bawl: shout, call out, cry, scream, yell... [intransitive] to cry loudly, especially in a way that annoys other people I wish that child would stop bawling!

uncountable or countable (of stamps, shares, bank notes)(conj.⇒);‹library books› prestar;‹bank notes/stamps/shares› emitir;‹summons› dictar; IIverbo transitivo1 (dinero) emitir2 (una revista) publicar3 (billetes, documentos) expedir4 (instrucciones) dar5 (provisiones, armas) distribuir, repartir /'strʌgəl/ sustantivo 1. biselado, diagonal; Sinónimos: bevel, beveled, bevelled, diagonal, biassed, chamfered 3. dejar de; Sinónimos: finish, stop, be over, be through, cease, cease to, cut, cut out, give over 7. hacerse cargo; Sinónimos: take over, see to it, take charge, take control, take over the helm, take the helm; Take up and practice as one's own. hinchado, inflado, abohetado, abotagado, abuhado, tumefacto; Sinónimos: baggy, bulging, puffed, puffy, swollen, sodden, tumid; Abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas. more derived words pushily adverbpushiness noun [uncountable] 1.Gillian watched the overpassing shoppers on the second floor of the mall, as she relaxed in the bench on the ground floor. (transitive) To exceed, overstep, or transcend a limit, threshold, or goal. tender hacia cero, volverse cero, ser rayano a cero; Sinónimos: become zero; Decrease rapidly and disappear. desmayo, ahilamiento, ahilo, lipotimia, malagana, soponcio, síncope; Sinónimos: blackout, collapse, fainting fit, dead faint, fainting, faltering; A spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood to the brain. débil, desfallecido, desfalleciente, desvanecido, pálido, exánime, lánguido; Sinónimos: feeble, weak, dim, enfeebled, feeble-bodied, flimsy, frail; Indistinctly understood or felt or perceived. more always follows the linepluralyes-men Sinónimos: apple-polisher, bootlicker, favor-seeking person, flatterer, groveler, obsequious flatterer, toady, groveller, minion; A person of unquestioning obedience.Marshall was really overpassing his authority when he ordered the security guards to fire their tasers at the trespassers. Groups that seek to control a social system or activity from which they derive private benefit. it perks up the flavour of frozen vegetables da vida a or anima las verduras congeladas b vi adv [person] reanimarse , (in health) sentirse mejorbusiness is perking up el negocio va mejorando ears perked up when his name was mentioned todo el mundo aguzó el oído cuando se mencionó su nombre share prices perked up as a result of the deal la cotización de las acciones aumentó como resultado del trato #if someone perks up, or if something perks them up, they begin to feel happier or more lively Sue perked up when she heard the news.Besides, you know how Tim hates parties.'View' is essentially like a scene or a picture that you could see when you look out of a window. someone who asks for money and other things from someone such as a friend or relative and makes no effort to give them anything or to pay for anything themselvesshowing disapproval someone who is very interested in other people’s private lives and activities and tries to get involved in them in a way that is annoyingshe is a real busybody (countable noum ): entrometido Adjective:(=enthusiast) fanático(-a) m/f , adicto(-a) m/f health freak maniático(-a) m/f en cuestión de salud peace freak fanático(-a) m/f de la paz Noun:1 (=person) monstruo m , fenómeno m (=plant, animal) monstruo m (=event) anomalía f a freak of nature un fenómeno de la naturaleza the result was a freak el resultado fue totalmente anómalo a freak wave♦ freak show n (at circus etc) espectáculo m de fenómenos de feria (fig) espectáculo m de bichos raros * 1. The court has the right to impose heavy fines (=large fines)I have eated I will go for a walkas soon as I have finished I will give you a buzz Since I last saw (Past)Tiempo no acabado Present Perfect I have seen her this morning I have met her during the last two weeks: ɪkˈspɪəriəns/ a knowledge youg gain as you go through lifesingular experienceplural experiences * the holiday/experience/chance etc of a lifetime1,1 [uncountable] knowledge and skill that is gained through time spent doing a job or activity You don’t need any experience to work here.'Sight' apart from being the sense of being able to see also often refers to a particular object such as a building that is of interest. an amount of money that you have to pay because you have broken the law He had to pay a hefty fine. We would like to find someone with more experience.

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