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For instance, if the words ATLANTIC CITY appear anywhere on the tuck box, deck, jokers, or Ace, you should look at TYPE 6, TYPE 7, TYPE 8, & TYPE 9.

If your deck says the words Manufactured sometime between 1961 - 1965, this deck might have two versions of a United States IRS 1-pack tax stamp on the tuck.

The purpose of providing this single card was that it was to be used as a cut card. Type 2 is exactly the same as Type 1, except Type 2s were manufactured after the U. Department of Revenue stopped taxing playing cards (1965).

It should say Atlantic City on the top & bottom of the box.

These cards were table-used, so the majority of the time you'll find this Type of deck cancelled so they cannot be used in the casino again.

Usually this cancellation mark is a hole in the center of the entire deck.

The cited patent number is contained in the ‘references cited’ section of the document.

Citing patent - A patent that cites a patent or patent application as a reference in its 'references cited' section.

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It appears in bold on the face of a published patent at grant.

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