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I then realized that I did not update This also seems to happen when you have a usercontrol that references another usercontrol in the same namespace. For all of these, check the warnings in Error List and fix them. Every time I tried to regenerate the file, VS 2013 would write the same lines without the missing control.if you move the referenced user control to a different namespace the problem goes away Sometimes there might be errors in html like two controls having the same Id. The declaration needs to be added in the code behind, NOT in the design.cs, because it would be deleted each time the is changed.Point being, there may be perfectly valid code that's causing an issue, in which case, a possible solution would be to go through commenting HTML sections out in your markup file until the designer file resolves itself, and then you can undo all your commenting and resume working as normal.My code file was not updating because of an error in Telerik web controls - I had an incorrect value in the Data Key Names attribute of a Master Table View. NET is a developer platform made up of tools, programming languages, and libraries for building many different types of applications.

The first control I added was copy and paste from a similar control and made necessary changes.Step 1 Open Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, go to file and afterwards, you can choose New project. Here, we can see the default data and you can write your database oriented data or information. Step 5 Now, we can select the Grid View and Sqldatasource. Right click to open the Window and afterwards, you can click the Show table Data. Here, we can click the Configure Data source and subsequently click the Next button. Here, we can select the Empty Application and afterwards, you can click OK button Step 2 Now, open the project and afterwards, you can go to project. Choose the New item or those which follow the shortcut keys Ctrl Shift A. Now, you can change table name and afterwards, you can click Update button. Now, go to Server Explorer and click the table (databaseone).

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Some other things i've tried have been excluding the aspx from the project, building, and then re-including with no success.

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