Where can i broadcast my webcam for money

In this article, we’ll cover four ideal ways to monetize and generate revenue by broadcasting live video.

Now, let’s jump right into the discussion to help you decide the best approach for !

Follow the above instructions to watch a broadcast using the Steam client or visit the Broadcast FAQ for a list of supported browsers.

Broadcasting live video is rewarding in a variety of ways.

tap the button on the left corner at bottom of the screen to see a list of link you can use to watch the stream i recommend you use VLC, the browser links will only work with Opera and Google Chrome with these links you are able to watch the stream and take pictures from your browser and these pictues will be automatically sent to your phone camera roll.

Trial mode will offer you 15 connections with no time limit for test. -------------V few changes has been made to increase app performance if the app keeps crashing on your phone send an email to [email protected] device model and os version - new "MAX" vfps value this will force the maximum vfps your phone can support - changing contrast & brightness from 0 to a higher value will need to restart connection to take effect - new information in HELP TROOBLESHOTING V - Added Feature to change contrast V - Web Video Recordings With Audio - Fixed Icons for lens picker V Changes: - Added ability to record videos using the web interface - Improved stream encoding - Few major bugs fixed My Webcam is an amazing app to make your Windows Device a full capable remote wireless ip web camera for your local network, capture remote Pictures and saves it to your camera roll folder with a simple web interface that shows a live camera video.

For example, you can sell video online via pay per view streaming, or by requiring subscriptions from your viewers.This can be done from the market just like any other application.Step 2 is to configure the app to view the webcam stream.You can use the free version to do stream the webcam but if you like it, please get the paid version to support the developer :).So, step 1 is to first get the application onto your phone.

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You can sell advertising for your broadcast or form a relationship with one or more sponsors.

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