White woman dating nigerian man form of christianity dating back to luther

THIS IS THE AGE OF A NEW FORM OF SLAVERY, AND THE WHITE WOMEN ARE YOUR MASTERS, when u marry a white woman, she will own you, make you work 3 jobspay for the house and the car and every thing in between, if you hve a child, u are even more trapped, and she will use that child to her own advantage, use you for sex andyou will just be an item for her to show u off to her friends, she will cheat on you, willl with other african men, there are alot of african men here in aust, in this postition, they are not happy, SO IF THIS IS THE LIFE YOU BOYS WANT GO FOR IT, N GOOD LUCK, AND MAY GOD HAVE MERCEY ON YOUR SOUL! so dont hate on her just because she speaks the truth, as we all knw the turth hurts, so stop all live'n in ya lil fairy tail words, love what l load of, @#$, ppl see opportunities, its a cold hard world, and ppl do any thingto survive, black and white, harmany, blah blah blah, what crap, in australia racism is rampent, white dont except you, as for black menthe white woman DO but thats only for one thing, and ONE thing only, She's a train, and she will allow all to run through her, just for fun! thirdly, YOU AND YOU WHITE 'THING' WILL BRING HALF CASTE CHILDREN INTO TIHS WORLD TO BE MISS TREATED BY THE WHITE FAMILY!

, Australia is a very racist country, there is a deep history of racism here, and not just of its indigenous peoples, but also of other races, i see it all the time, I see many an African man and white "ladies" , and i must say by the body language of the white lady, clinging to her black man, The African man in this country is just like a "trophy" on the arm of the white lady, she tell her girlfriends, how wonderfull he is in bed, ect, From what ive seen and heard, it is the African man that will have the last laugh, most white woman here just want sex and nothing more, in some cases dont even knw the mans name, then they leave and go home to their white BF or husbands, so who is using who?I'll like to have one white girl to hook up with, who can provide my finacial needsakagod4lov: Well, it is a very good idea.I'll like to have one white girl to hook up with, who can provide my finacial needs Well, it is a very good idea.I'll like to have one white girl to hook up with, who can provide my finacial needs.It is quite interesting to meet white girls, whoever is interested should reply me through my email address [email protected]: Well, it is a very good idea.

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