Who is beth shak dating

FOX411 is reporting that Beth Shak may be dating Kid Rock.

The jury heard that Seleznev was the largest trafficker of stolen credit cards over a seven-year period before the feds caught up with him.Doyle Brunson has told his 426,000 Twitter followers that he was close to being robbed at gunpoint a few days ago.Brunson, who is a regular in the high stakes cash games in Las Vegas, was advised by police that a man was held at gunpoint a few doors down from where he lived with the assailant believing he was robbing a poker player who had 0,000 in cash on him.The information came from over 200 different businesses and Seleznev used the money to buy plane tickets, flowers for his wife, and compete in an unnamed online poker room. Beth Shak Strip Poker Confession I don’t understand Strip Poker.The loser ends up naked, but don’t we prefer to see our potential mates in a state of undress rather than fully nude?

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If that’s the case we’re “dating” half of the Western seaboard.

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