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Last December, when he stepped in to replace the Senate majority leader, Trent Lott, in the wake of Lott's racially charged remarks, he was hailed by his colleagues not as an astute politician but as a citizen legislator, known less for his voting record than for his ''healing touch.'' At a time when the Senate was increasingly ridiculed as obstructionist and out of touch -- ''a cruel joke,'' as one historian called it -- Frist was seen as someone who could master not only the institution behind closed doors but its image in front of the public as well.Though he had less political experience than any other Senate leader in history, he represented the G. P.'s ideal vision of itself: someone who saves lives not through doling out government aid but through his own daring acts.

Lott had cleared away his belongings, and Frist's name was now stenciled on the large mahogany door in gold.

He then rode along with him in the ambulance, keeping him alive by forcing oxygen into his lungs.

Only as they approached the hospital did he learn that the man he had rescued was the accused gunman, Russell Weston Jr.

A medic yelled that there were more victims inside, and Frist rushed back into the building to treat another of the wounded, a slight man who was lying on the carpet and bleeding heavily.

An artery in his chest was severed, and Frist concentrated on stemming the flow of blood.

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