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It’s good to know that the black successful entertainer was not always a money bag. He believed, had faith and worked so hard to get to where he is today.Although abused by his father, Tyler still takes care of Emmitt Perry Sr who he thinks gave up all he had earned to raise him.The house in focus is located in a gated community Mulholland Estates and has everything that makes a home very comfortable.Tyler Perry is not only considered as one of money minting Hollywood film producers, he is also among those considered quite tall in the industry.Though not his biological dad, his relationship with Emmitt Perry Sr was so rocky that he attempted suicide at some point.With the help of his mother, he found solace in the church. A smart child he was but he never finished high school.

Each of the 300 live shows he produces each year is attended by a weekly average of 35,000 people.Tyler Perry is expected to afford any kind of home he desires and the actor hasn’t failed in this regard as he continues to invest in real estate.So far, he has many properties in his portfolio including a 17-acre (6.9ha) estate in the Paces neighbourhood of Atlanta.In his teens, he officially changed his name to “Tyler”. His love for the performance art spurred him into investing all of his humble savings in producing shows.Unfortunately, Tyler spent 6 years organizing shows with little or no returns. However the young man did not dare give up, he kept on pushing till there was a positive change.

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He often models his works within the Christian gospel precepts.

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