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PLL became an instant hit, gaining a passionate fanbase who dissected every episode and obsessed over their favorite romantic pairings, from “Ezria” to “Spoby” to “Haleb”.

Still, there are some things that aren't as well known about its young cast, as well as some things that didn't quite hit right with fans, so we're here to shed some light.

Clearly, Pieterse has some acting chops, but it's hard to believe she was that young when she made the pilot for the hit show.

Another interesting note: Pieterse actually first auditioned to play Hanna, which as we know eventually went to Ashley Benson.

It's a little hard to imagine the enigmatic Pieterse as the bubbly Hanna, so it looks like the parts went to the right people.

Australian actress Tammin Sursok – who plays Jenna Marshall, the younger step-sister of Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) – became pregnant in 2013 before Season 4 of the show, so they cleverly hid her pregnancy, as shows are wont to do, with big bags and loosely fit clothing.

Because we see much of Alison Di Laurentis on that fateful night she disappeared, the character is seen often wearing the same clothes, including her signature yellow fringe top, bought by Ali's mother, Jessica Di Laurentis.

He and Emily spark, but he says he's glad Alison is gone because she tormented him years before.Incorporating a pregnancy for teen Jenna probably wouldn't have fit because the character was there squarely to be a major thorn in the PLL girls' lives.Maybe it could have been a by-product of her forcing her step-brother into a relationship.You see, 16-year-old Aria meets the 24-year-old Ezra in a bar, and they hook up in the bathroom.Later, Aria discovers Ezra is her English teacher, and while falling for your teacher isn't that unheard of, the fact that they begin a romantic relationship is definitely against the rules.

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