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They have included a throat ­infection which saw her pull out of playing Miss Hannigan in West End musical Annie for a week last month.

There also continues to be no sign of another series of her sitcom Miranda or her hosting a remake of The Generation Game, which the BBC said was on hold in August 2015 despite a successful pilot being filmed just before Christmas 2014.

Brought up in a family of aristocratic background, she came from a long line of colonial rulers and naval leaders, including her own dad ­Captain David Hart Dyke, now 78.

When Miranda was just nine years old, her father was the commanding officer of HMS Coventry when it was sunk by Argentinian attack jets in the Falklands War. Hart Dyke later recalled of the scene: “It was black, with people on fire.” He himself came back home to his family — Miranda; her sister Alice, three years her junior; and mum Dee — with burns on his face from the ­battle.

Two years later, she pitched a comedy show to the BBC.

Although she failed to win over corporation executives, Jennifer Saunders was impressed enough to sign her up with a bit part in the Absolutely Fabulous Christmas special.

Miranda now admits that she was battling dramatically low moods as she “succumbed to that old back-to-school feeling”.

The star, who has talked extensively about earlier struggles with anxiety and agoraphobia, also told how the experience gave her an insight into how much unseen suffering goes on.

“I think we all have days when we just want to hole up, cancel friends and cocoon in a duvet.” And she added: “I found nothing could prompt an upward turn to my mouth — not even a cheeky dollop of ice cream with my favourite comedy.” Around the same time, the 44-year- old actress pulled out of a string of commitments including a reprise of her role in Call The Midwife, a BBC remake of Up Pompeii and plans to host The Royal Variety Performance.

She wrote in a magazine: “When a low mood sinks in, you find yourself almost revelling in the awful world news and feeling self-pityingly about the tiniest things.

“I went into a fury simply because I couldn’t find a Biro.

She has appeared on several high-profile charity bills in recent years, including a role in a new Blackadder sketch with Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson at a Prince's Trust fundraiser at the Albert Hall in Whether that's sufficient preparation for a tour to which fans flock in their thousands to see Hart and Hart alone, remains to be seen.

Miranda Hart was born on December 14, 1972 in Torquay, Devon, England as Miranda Katherine Hart Dyke. We all share a love of the silly, of Strictly Come Dancing (2004), of dogs, of food, and all believe that breaking wind is never ...

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