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His voice is also one of the most capable and unique I’ve ever heard.Musze wears his influences on his sleeve vocally and musically; the most obvious being Marvin Gaye, but he’s every bit as capable and original as Gaye or anyone else he uses for inspiration vocally, musically and lyrically, much in the same way Michael Jackson became his own man after starting out his career influenced by James Brown.

“He wanted to make everyone clones of himself,” says Apollonia. I still love him, but there was a side of him that was just a tyrant.” was a smash, earning over million at the box office.

And to be honest, he’s kind of the bridge between those old vanguards of R&B and what is being made now.

He’s the last of the mohicans when it comes to real R&B that comes straight from the soul, and I hope he never takes another decade-long break again.

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