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NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 07: 2017 Inductee Steve Perry of Journey speaks onstage at the 32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at Barclays Center on April 7, 2017 in New York City.

That song is a time stamp for me, I'm in the back of a yellow '57 Chevy with a senior who had to drive, I could not yet, and double dating to the prom, and that song came on the radio.

I'll never forget that song and the second verse I'll never forget as long as I live. Here I am, just a young boy and I heard the song differently.

I'm into all sorts of other creative things like that that became some sort of new passions for me, especially film mixing and film editing. Honestly I'm very proud of the emotions that are on the record. Perry: That's true, you're more willing to be who you are and what you are in spite of anything your mind might tell you. Baltin: But you also went through so much real life stuff, heartbreak and tragedy, that makes you realize music is secondary.

That kind of came in handy when it came to making my own record because I was able to put my passion into editing into my own project. I don't really have a preconceived idea or target writing or targeting any sort of crystal ball of the consciousness that exists with fans. I'm just a singer/songwriter who didn't have passion for music, who rediscovered it. Perry: For me, it switched from perfection to emotional expression. It's about emotional expression and being okay putting even more of that vulnerability and emotional expression out there.

Perry: I don't think there's any way of knowing in advance what the consciousness of an audience that has been possibly waiting for new music could be like, meaning do they like "Most Of All"? The days of perfectionism don't hold water anymore.

Baltin: Did you find turning to music like coming back to an old friend?

I watch other people rehearse or other people mix or other people do film mixing. There's rock and roll, there are reunion songs, there's all sorts of happy things, gratitude songs. Baltin: It gets easier as you get older to keep things in perspective.

Perry: I think what I'm looking for and hoping for is the emotional life-sustaining interaction that music can provide not just for people, but I hope for me.

I'm gonna go in and get it and if I love it, it's moving me, I can only wish and hope that it's gonna move somebody else the same way. The only compass I have is the one in my chest and that's the one I listen to.

Baltin: What was the music you went back to making this record?

Perry: When I was able to go back to music that mattered to me when I was growing up in Hanford, California I was really, really reinvigorated by rediscovering "Cupid" by Sam Cooke.

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