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Then she starts talking about sex and asks to video chat. When I get my phone back on, I am flooded with threats from her on my facebook.She then claims to be 14 and to expose me as pedophile unless I pay her 25,000 dollars. I screenahotted the conversation if anyone wants to add me in facebook and help me out with a plan of action, if there needs to be any at all. I don't know what she is capable of or who she knows. This is a very common scam; we see this at least once a day here.

After all, it’s so hard to be someone you are not and even the best of us can’t keep up that charade for long.

While everyone loves a good mystery man, real women love a guy who shows his good and bad side, with a side of quirky thrown in for good measure.

Making someone fall in love with you is easy when they can see the real you.

Caring about someone means caring what happens to them, what their dreams are, what they want to improve about themselves, and where they want to go.

It means really listening and not just being present.

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As long as they’re new, they fit you well (not too baggy), it will be absolutely fine. When you’re messaging girls, or you’re using tinder, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of constantly thinking about your messages. Yes, you shouldn’t just write one word responses, but you shouldn’t spend too long on them either.

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