Widower dating wedding ring

Members , there a woman who is getting married to a widower, he has a female child from the marriage n the late wife relative is living with the man cos she is taking care of the child.

She @d new to b wife is complaining that the late wife’s box is still in the man”s bedroom which will soon become her own bedroom.

I often find myself worrying about losing my rings now and I honestly think I would lose it if that happened, so I wonder if I'll need to put them away someday soon.

I know there are a lot of options and I know eventually, I'll have to decide on one.

Look, here’s my best advice: know your must have’s, and go into every date looking for at least one thing that is RIGHT about him. It is true that some think they are ready but not (just like after a breakup, right? Don’t assume any specific number of months or years is required until he’s ready. In fact just writing that makes me feel like throwing up.

We're friends, not doctors, financial or legal professionals, and we're not "grief experts." But we are here, and we've been "there." I took mine off way before I started to date -- but I tend to get very long-lasting tans -- so I took mine off around the first anniversary, at the beginning of summer....I chose to get a new ring that symbolized our relationship and because I knew that one day, my ring would be something special to pass down to my daughter.I would be interested to know what other widow(er)s have done with their wedding rings.I was the rebound and thought it could work…but all it seemed to do was reopen long healed wounds…suddenly every movie, every song, everything reminded him of her – I think it was because he was having fun finally and had not had to think about anything…except living and the guilt just did him in.I was always on his side, understanding…but the one flaw with that was I became disposable ear and heart – so when he just bailed I knew he never took into consideration the chances I was taking…it never entered his mind…and so that stats continue…reounds and widowers should show a failure rate of 98 percent…was 95 but add another doomed chance…

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Again, I truly DO love and appreciate hearing from you. What you share here is meaningful to me and also helps inform the thousands of women who are reading these posts.

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