Wrexham dating craig 21 questions to ask someone before dating them

At Tweek's home, Tweek's parents celebrate and accept his gay status by rewarding him with money.

As Cartman ponders the relationship of Tweek and Craig, he starts fantasizing again about his Cupid-like alter ego Cupid Me (last seen in "Cartman Finds Love").

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The pictures shown are all manga-style drawings of Tweek and Craig engaged in homoerotic and homosexual activity, and the gang is confused at this.

Tweek and Craig are brought in to Principal's office where they both assert that they are not gay, but Principal tells them that if there is a relationship between them, they must have affirmative consent.

The episode parodies the slash fiction genre of yaoi art and the acceptance of the LGBT community, while continuing its season-long lampoon of political correctness.

PC Principal and Wendy host an assembly to introduce students to the Asian art of yaoi, which has increased due to the influx of Asian students.

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Initially reluctant, Tweek gets carried away with the performance, portraying himself as the wronged party and Craig becomes massively unpopular, with yaoi artists getting even more inspired by Tweek's heartbreak.

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  1. That is part of the challenge of Tough Love—being brutally honest. There are a million things going on in our lives, whether it is a yoga class, some community board, friends we hang out with. SW: I am going to tell you why it is important to discuss sex in the first stage of dating. If a girl thinks she is on a third date with a guy and she is going to sleep with him, but there isn't a possibility of a relationship developing and they don't speak about it first...well, that is no good. What we are saying is the probability of being to able to form a relationship by the end of the third date is not very high.