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I was rocking out the F1 bios for the x38-DQ6 mobo and just now got around to updating to F3. No you can go from F1 to F199999999 If you wanted, so that has nothing to do with it Did you load optimized and save/apply after you flashed? I am lost as to what your original issue was, I mean how can you loose crossfire but still have it show in CCC?#XFire #Vapepen #Vapon #Vapelife #Vapedaily bit.ly/2x7zg Y9 pic.twitter.com/Pg Ua JVx YAi XFire is a stand-out name in a new wave of brands in the #vaping world.The goal of #XFire is to provide #vapers with a luxury experience, without the hefty price tag that often comes with it.Hence, XFire has extracted the goodness of this fruit to create its own magic with the white cloud.Giving the #Vape Pen, #XFire has won hearts of all its customers.#Vaping #Vapepen #Vape Fam bit.ly/2sh JOPt pic.twitter.com/PMpha Ol8zp XFire is a #Ecigarette and vape store.

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