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By a flight of stairs, he watches as Urara Shiraishi, a girl whose grades meet no competition, heads upwards.He murmurs to himself comments about her intelligence, he decides to go past her.Albeit, he only mumbles to himself and sighs when noted professor announces his grades.As he walks in the halls and thinks to himself about the start of the school year, noting how boring his life has become, two other students converse among one another about his problems.He checks and sees that she has already left, which the school nurse tells him that she has gone back to class.He leaves the room, realizing that if he is in her body, she must be in his, and is exasperated that she returned to the classroom, being very studious.an93lazz wrote: is it really okay to married when you're 15 in japan??

One day students from another school taunt them, he fights them alongside Ushio.

but just look @ the reallity and just stop to pairing HSJ with H! yesterday I also read someone's blog about inoo dating someone from H!

He is often seen with a small, silver hooped earring in his left ear.

After groping around for a while, he realizes that his manly part is gone as well. He sees Urara's reflection, and concludes that he has turned into her.

The nurse informs that he and Urara were found collapsed at the bottom of the stairs.

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